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Knowing how to deal with divorce is never easy, even when a divorce is amicable with no children involved. With children and conflict in the mix, dealing with divorce can be far from easy – you’ll need all the advice and help you can get.

Here at Deal With Divorce, that’s what you’ll find – practical advice to help you know how to deal with divorce, and help your children deal with divorce too.  Though ending (or trying to save) a marriage is rarely easy, we sincerely hope our divorce advice will make the process less difficult – clearer and more manageable – for you and your children.

To help you quickly find the type of help you need most our advice is organized into Categories (always listed on the right).

Here’s a summary of what’s included in each of our Deal With Divorce Advice Categories:

couple thinking about divorceDeciding to Divorce

In this section, get help and advice on deciding whether to divorce or try to save your marriage – often a minefield of doubt and anxiety. Articles include reasons to divorce and reasons not to divorce, to help you reach the right decision and move forward with confidence.
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infidelityInfidelity Advice

Marital infidelity involves a surprisingly wide range of behaviors that can damage a marriage permanently. However, marriages can and often do survive infidelity. Find out more about infidelity, surviving infidelity and options for moving forward after an extramarital affair.
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gavel and divorce decreeDivorce Steps and Planning

Advice in this section helps you deal with divorce procedures by de-mystifying the process of divorce, step by step. Articles include advice on finding and interviewing divorce lawyers, and what steps to take to plan a divorce with a favorable outcome.
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childs bear with suitcaseChild Custody and Support

Get practical advice to help you deal with the legal and emotional challenges of child support and custody. This advice aims to help you achieve child custody and support arrangements that are good for your children and good for you too.
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child confused by arguing parentsEffects of Divorce on Children

In this section, we provide balanced advice on the effects of divorce on children, to help you gain realistic insights into how divorce affects children.
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couple with kidsParenting During Divorce

Advice on how parents can help their children cope with divorce, including how to talk to your children about divorce and legal requirements for parents imposed by Family Courts to protect children’s interests during divorce.
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doityourselfdivorce02Do it Yourself Divorce

There’s no doubt that a divorce can be one of the mostly costly experiences in a lifetime, and much of the cost (both emotional and financial) is attributable to divorce lawyers. With the help of information and advice on do-it-yourself divorces, you may find that this far less costly option is easier that you might have thought.…visit this section

More Divorce Advice and Information

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