Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

At one time, the answer to, do I need a divorce lawyer, was a resounding, “yes, of course you do.” The partnership of divorce and lawyers was taken for granted, like peanut butter and jelly. Today the answer is not so clear cut. More people than ever before can (if they choose) file for divorce without a lawyer. Until quite recently,... more →
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Divorce Forms 101

Whether you opt to hire a divorce lawyer or divorce without a lawyer, there will be a number of divorce forms – also often referred to as divorce papers – involved. But what exactly are these divorce forms or papers and what role do they play in the divorce process? more →
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Advantages of Divorcing Without a Lawyer

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Divorce is not something we do everyday and can seem like a mysterious and daunting process beyond our abilities and understanding. In reality, divorce is a relatively simple process. So much so that you can file for divorce without a lawyer and while not suitable for some, there are many advantages to divorcing without a lawyer. more →
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