Never Too Late To Stop a Divorce

stop divorce
If one of you has already spoken the words, “I want a divorce,” then you may think it’s too late to stop divorce – you’re already on a highway with no exits and only one destination. But if this is not want you want or you are having second thoughts, don’t despair. Rushing into a divorce is just... more →
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How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

thoughtful husand and wife
A common and troubling question is, “How do I tell my spouse I want a divorce?” It’s a common question because in most cases the decision to divorce or separate is made by one spouse alone. At some point the other has to be told that the marriage is at an end. But what exactly is the best way of telling your spouse, “I... more →
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Divorce ends conflict – or does it?

end conflict
When considering divorce, most parents consider the potential effects of divorce on their children. One argument in favor of divorce is the idea that it will bring an end to conflict. In other words, that divorce can have a positive effect on children’s lives. But how true is it that children enjoy more peaceful, less troubling... more →
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