How to Save a Marriage

If you’ve decided there are good reasons to try to save your marriage there are many good books that can help, even if you are the only one trying to fix your marriage. And many of these “marriage savers” – including our recommended books (see below)are ebooks.

If you’re not familiar with ebooks, they have several advantages over regular hard-copy books, including the fact that you get instant access to download and save them on your computer right away. You can then read the ebook on your screen and/or print it out.

save my marriage booksWhat’s this have to do with books to save a marriage? Well, a side benefit of this is privacy. Unlike regular books, ebooks aren’t lying around in plain sight – people don’t always want a husband or wife to know they have a plan to save their marriage.

If this applies to you, there’s a good chance that communication has reached an all-time low and/or that your spouse has been frustrated and angered by your efforts to save your marriage. And in this case, having a plan to save your marriage stored privately on your computer is probably a good idea!

If you and your spouse plan to work together to save your marriage together, this obviously isn’t a concern. However, do remember that the better save-a-marriage books, including our top picks, will help even if you are trying to save your marriage alone.

How Can Books to Save a Marriage Help?

Before introducing our top picks, here’s a quick run down of how books on saving a marriage can help – and how some are more helpful than than others.

Firstly, the better books give you all the advice you need and an actual step-by-step plan for fixing your marriage. This is an important feature to look for. Many marriage saving books do give plenty of good advice but don’t tell you how or when to apply it, and without a plan it’s less likely you’re going to see positive results, or any time soon.

Secondly, the best books on how to save a marriage obviously work well for couples but can also be followed by a husband or wife working alone to save their marriage. They recognize that this is often the reality of the situation – that communication is poor or one spouse has simply “burned out” on trying.

Some additional features we’ve looked for are a long-standing reputation. For instance, Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today is a long-running best-seller, while Relationship Recovery is newer but part of a respected series of relationship “how to” books.

We’ve also checked for low refund rates, and that they are backed by easy “no-questions-asked” 100% money-back guarantees in case a plan isn’t right for you. A plan to save your marriage may be a great plan, but you may find that one “speaks your language” better than another. Rock solid guarantees make it possible to shop around for the plan most likely to work well for you.

Recommended Best Books for Saving a Marriage

Based on the criteria above, we highly recommend the following three books:

save my marriage today graphicSave My Marriage Today“, by Amy Waterman – A complete course for saving a marriage, and long-term bestseller.
Read our Save My Marriage review or visit the website
Relationship Recovery Course Package“Relationship Recovery“, by Rachel Rider – Also a complete course, and a strong rival to Amy Waterman’s plan – you might like to check them both out and see which suits you better.
Read our Relationship Recovery review or visit the website
1000 Questions for couples graphic1000 Questions for Couples“, by Michael Webb – Though not a “plan for saving your marriage”, this is an excellent resource for reconnecting with your spouse, and on a completely new level.
Read our 100 Questions review or visit the website

If you feel that one of these plans can help you, try it 100% risk free. All recommended books here at are backed by easy “no-questions-asked” 60-day 100% money-back guarantees.

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