Guidelines for Deciding Whether to Divorce or Not

When deciding “should I get a divorce or try to save my marriage?” wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of “Should I Divorce Quiz” that churned out exactly the right answer? Or should I say, a reliable “should I divorce quiz”.

divorce-guidelinesThere’s no doubt it would but a creating a truly comprehensive and reliable quiz is very difficult, as everyone’s marital circumstances vary. It’s impossible to ask all the questions that would need to be asked to guarantee everyone a cut-and-dry, sure-fire, 100% dependable answer. Then too, people themselves are different, and can be more or less honest or realistic in responding, making the answers they would get not so reliable after all.

However, one way or another, you do need to get an honest and realistic assessment of your marriage as a basis for moving forward.

As you can read in How to Know if You Should Get a Divorce, the right decision for the future – whether to get a divorce or save your marriage – will be the decision that reflects your true feelings about the true state of your marriage.

With this in mind, I have put together a “Should I Divorce or Save My Marriage?” quiz of sorts. Rather than a check box-type quiz, it is made up of statements that may be true or false. In essence, these statements are the main reasons for divorce as well as key factors in saving a marriage.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not possible to cater to everyone’s marriage but they will help you make a realistic assessment of whether or not your marriage is over. The reasons to consider are split into two parts:

Before you get started:

To make the most of these questions, put aside all other thoughts and concerns and focus on your marriage, period.

For instance, any fears you might have about the process or consequences of divorce, of what friends and family might say, of how you and your children will survive, and so on.

There are some questions that address these issues directly. Otherwise, do your best to out them aside – these “outside issues” can distract people from being honest about the state of their marriage, and are entirely manageable if and when they need to be.

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