Fix a Broken Marriage: Relationship Recovery Course

Review of “Relationship Recovery’ by Rachel Rider – the Complete eBook Course to Fix a Broken Marriage

Sometimes divorce is inevitable – quite clearly the right decision – but often it’s not. The question remains, can I fix my broken marriage?

It’s a question that needs answering because if the answer is “no”, knowing that you gave it your best shot will help you accept divorce. And of course if the answer proves to be “yes” and you do manage to save your marriage, you’ll thank your lucky stars you tried.

But how can you tell if it is possible to fix your marriage, and if so, what does it take? What if your spouse simply isn’t interested? Should you still try to fix your relationship?

Relationship Recovery is a complete course designed to answer all these questions and most importantly, give you an actual strategy that can work even if you’re the only one trying to save your marriage. It gives you a step-by-step approach to significantly boost your chances of not only fixing your marriage but improving it.

A fresh, optimistic but realistic approach to fixing a relationship

One of the first things that strikes you about the Relationship Recovery course is that it’s realistically positive.

For instance, it operates on the assumption that with the right know-how, most failing relationships can be saved, and that the success or failure of a marriage often pivots on the smallest of things. In other words, the smallest change can make a remarkable difference. It’s quite possible, then, that you could see results sooner and much larger than you expected.

While encouraging, these are good solid realities – common knowledge among relationship experts. It’s also a reality that a relationship can be saved even with only one partner trying.

Can Relationship Recovery help everyone fix their marriage?

Marriages and serious relationships fails for more reasons than can be listed but as experts know, those reasons are underpinned by certain fundamentals, allowing the same solutions to repair just about any relationship.

This is why Relationship Recovery is designed to work whatever the apparent problems in a marriage – from failures in communication or intimacy through to the “big issues” issues like infidelity or addiction.

How the course works

Most people anxious to save their marriage have soaked up a great deal of advice from the internet, friends, magazines and books. The difficulty (as you may have found) is that much of it is conflicting, hard to take seriously or plain wrong, although you may not know it.

Relationship Recovery addresses this by asking you – before you begin the course – to forget everything you think you’ve learned about how to save a marriage and start afresh with a clear and open mind.

This makes sense. The internet is a great source of information but a great deal of online “advice” is out of date, supplied by “amateur experts”, and likely to further damage rather than fix your relationship.

That done, the course gives you the specific insights, skills and tactics you need to repair your relationship.

More details are available at the Relationship Recovery site but some examples of what you’ll learn are:

  • Exactly what went wrong with your marriage.
  • The most important thing you need to do, immediately.
  • The top relationship-busting mistake – something you may have done without knowing it – and how to easily fix it.
  • The most common and harmful misconceptions that most people have about their relationship.
  • Specific, step-by-step techniques to get your spouse to fall in love with you again.
  • How to identify and handle danger spots that have been causing your relationship to fail.
  • The most toxic behaviors in relationships and how to avoid them.
  • Communication techniques that will get your partner to listen and talk, and see the need for change.
  • The vital “do’s and don’ts” for repairing a marriage damaged by infidelity by you or your spouse.
  • How to overcome and resolve commitment issues.
  • How to bring passion back no matter how long you have been together.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no need to get your spouse involved for it to work. This will be great news if you’ve already tried – and failed – to work together with your spouse to save your marriage.

In fact, there’s no need for them to know that you’re trying. Because Relationship Recovery is an ebook course – they’re not going to find it lying around. You can just download it to the privacy of your computer.

Structured Step-by-Step Approach to Relationship Repair

Everything you learn about how to fix your marriage is knitted into an actual step-by-step action plan so you know exactly what to do and when, no guesswork required. This gives Relationship Recovery a considerable advantage over most “save your marriage” books, many of which provide lots of advice, yes, but leave you high and dry in terms of an actual plan to make use of it.

As well as the Course itself, Rachel’s included two bonus books.

The first is, “Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?” by Dr. Rob Bilton and Melody Chase. This is a sensible addition to the package – it’s as well to be absolutely sure that saving your marriage makes sense and this book will help you make a realistic assessment.

The second is, “Repair After Separation“. If you’ve already separated this bonus ebook shows you if it is possible, and how, to get back together again. (I should add here that although Relationship Recovery is designed to prevent separation, I feel that in many ways it has what you need to reverse a separation too, within the Course itself as well as this bonus book. After all, getting back together after a break up involves understanding what went wrong and how to fix the problems – obviously a key part of the Course.)

Relationship Recovery is currently $37 (including the two bonuses) and backed by a no-questions 100% money-back guarantee, making it a totally risk-free purchase. As it’s an ebook (.pdf document) you can download it right away to the privacy of your computer.

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