Consider a Relationship Therapist to Save Your Marriage

Our marriage was in trouble. We were arguing all the time. And we couldn’t figure out why. I love my husband very much. And he loves me. That was a large piece of the problem. The relationship advice that we needed to save our marriage was not the type that most people normally look for.

We didn’t need to reignite the love in our relationship. We didn’t need to put the spark back into the marriage.

relationship therapistThe problem seemed to just about the polar opposite of that. Things were too intense. We were so much in love that it would often cause us to end up arguing.

Whenever one of us had to go away on a business trip, the other would become jealous and unhappy. In short, we were having some serious problems and needed expert advice on relationships.

The problem is that no one seemed to offer the relationship help that we needed. We tried everything. We started off with some relationship advice columns, but quickly gave up on that approach. The relationship help that they gave was either hit or miss. It was inconsistent and just not very helpful.

We realized that we had to have professional help, either from a relationships counselor, or a divorce lawyer

Off course we had heard of relationship coaching and therapists , but we hadn’t really wanted to think about going in that direction. If we had thought carefully, we probably would have known that that was where we should get relationship help, but our thoughts never took us in that direction.

You see, we are both very private people. Neither of us wants people to know that we see a therapist. We figured we could work out our problems without counseling from a third party.

But in the end, when our marriage was on the verge of breakup, we realized that we had to have professional help, either from a relationships counselor, or a divorce lawyer.

Well we chose a relationships counselor. A therapist actually. And what she taught us was how to really listen to each other. To actually hear what the other person was saying instead of just letting the words flow right out again without ever understanding the meaning.

Our relationship got better very quickly. We began to talk to each other and to hear each other and it turned out that we didn’t have nearly as many problems in our relationship as we thought we had.

Our meetings with the relationship therapist went on for about six months. After that she said we were ready to go it alone. That was nearly two years ago and our marriage has just continued to get better. Take my advice. Try relationship counseling. It may well keep you far away from the divorce lawyers.

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