Review of Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman

“How can I save my marriage?” is a common cry of help, and on closer review we find that “save my marriage” can mean a number of things. For some, it means restoring love, togetherness and passion with an increasingly distant spouse. For others, saving a marriage means overcoming specific problems that might otherwise lead to divorce.

Amy Waterman’s “Save My Marriage Today” aims to address all the possibilities and provide a solution to both save and improve a marriage. So, whatever “saving a  marriage” means to you, it’s likely Amy’s complete plan can help you do just that – and sooner rather than later.

As the “Today” implies, Amy Waterman is sympathetic to the fact that most people want to see actual results sooner rather than later.

save my marriage today graphicOne immediate benefit of Save My Marriage Today is the positive feeling of having an actual plan of action to follow – a way forward.

When a marriage is in trouble the difficulty of knowing exactly how to save it leaves people feeling trapped between the proverbial” rock and a hard place” – having to accept the way things are, or divorce.

This sense of entrapment often stems from being the only one in the marriage willing to try to revive or repair it. Again, Amy Waterman’s plan can help.

Save My Marriage Today works solo

The Save My Marriage Today system doesn’t rely on the interest or involvement of your spouse. It’s designed to be effective even if you are the only one working to save your marriage.

This removes a huge burden for any of you who’ve found that your husband or wife isn’t willing to try, or to try anymore, There’s no need to nag, cajole or otherwise persuade them to “play along” which can often cause a spouse to close off even more.

Save My Marriage is a very extensive “course” and a downloadable course too – simply download and save it on your computer. This means that if you feel it’s better that your husband or wife doesn’t know you’ve got a plan, because they’re not interested in or dead-set against helping to save your marriage, they don’t need to know. (You can print it out if you like, otherwise read it on your computer.)

How Can Save My Marriage Today help your marriage?

I use the word “course” because Save My Marriage Today does give you an actual plan of action. This is important – many “marriage rescue” books don’t. In addition to an awful lot of critical insights, guidance and advice, you get what Amy calls a “nitty-gritty” step-by-step strategy for saving your marriage. And it’s not complicated – we found it simple and easy-to-follow.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Amy’s plan is designed to overcome all sorts of marital problems from ones that are slowly killing it to crisis situations. Some examples she gives are:

  • An inability to communicate properly with your spouse
  • Lack of physical intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Continual fighting
  • Controlling or suffocating behaviours
  • Issues with children
  • Trial separations

… and many more complex and difficult situations.

What’s included?

Usually in a review, I like to give some examples of “what you’ll learn” but when Amy says Save My Marriage Today is “comprehensive”, she’s not exaggerating. This makes it difficult to do it justice with just a handful of examples but you’ll find plenty on Amy’s Save My Marriage page.

As well as “Save My Marriage Today”, Amy’s bundled the plan together with six bonuses:

  • A personal email consultation with Amy Waterman and her team, for frank expert advice on your specific situation, and
  • “How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship” which provides insights as well as practical guidance on surviving as well as preventing infidelity.

The four remaining bonuses complement the Marriage plan by helping you develop yourself, too. These are:

  • Stress: The Silent Killer – A Comprehensive Guide To Wellness and Inner Peace
  • Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max
  • How to be Happy!
  • The Journey – How to Gain the Life of Your Dreams

Again, you’ll find full details of these extras and how they tie in with Save My Marriage Today at Amy’s website. All the components of Amy’s Save My Marriage course are supplied in ebook (.pdf) format, available to download right away.

“Save My Marriage Today” is $49.95 and backed by a 60-day “no questions asked ” 100% money-back guarantee, for a totally risk-free purchase.

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