Do It Yourself Divorce May Be the Best Solution

If you and your spouse have come to the conclusion that your marriage is not working and have decided to divorce you can make the procedure faster, easier and less costly with a do it yourself divorce.

doityourselfdivorce03Until fairly recently, a do it yourself divorce was considered risky and unconventional, with most people opting for the traditional route of a lawyer-managed divorce. Thanks to countless horror stories of amicable divorces ruined by lawyer-driven conflict, no-fault divorce laws and easy access to information online, that’s changed.

Today, many people prefer to file for divorce without a lawyer.

Can anyone opt for a do-it-yourself divorce?

Just about. A do-it-yourself divorce is particularly suited to couples who are prepared to work together fairly amicably to arrange division of property and child custody and support issues.

If there are complex financial arrangements, stubborn disagreements about children, or an inability to be plain civil with one another, a do it yourself divorce is probably a poor choice. If either spouse is in the military a do-it-yourself divorce is not out of the question but consultation with a lawyer is recommended first.

More moderate differences need not be an obstacle to a do-it-yourself divorce. If both of you agree on the advantages of divorcing without a lawyer, have some areas of agreement, and try hard (if not always successfully!) to be civil and work together, a do-it-yourself divorce is still a valid option.

However, if there is any history of abuse a do it yourself divorce is not an option. Abuse impacts a spectrum of circumstances in a marriage, creating a range of complexities and issues that can be difficult to foresee, understand or manage.

All you need to get started is to find out where you can get do-it-yourself divorce forms, get some tips on getting the right divorce forms, and take your pick.

On the one hand you can get the forms free with no frills. On the other, they are available as part of complete services and/or as part of programs that allow you to fill-in-the-blanks on your computer, save and edit as you like.

However you get your forms, completing them will be time-consuming but with the advantage that it’s your own time, not a lawyer’s time at $150 to $400 an hour.

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