Free Divorce Forms Online – Download with Caution

It’s a great thing that anyone choosing to file for divorce without a lawyer can easily find free divorce forms online, ready to download and print. In fact, this convenience is partly responsible for the increasing number of people opting for do-it-yourself divorce. But there’s a flip side.

divorce papersThe easy availability of free divorce forms online can be be dangerous in terms of ensuring your do-it-yourself divorce goes smoothly.

Many if not most free divorce forms online are provided to lure visitors to websites in the hope that visitors will click on ads or pay for other products or services while at the site. That in itself is fine – many websites are supported by advertising revenue, and using free products to attract potential customers to paid-for products is an age-old marketing ploy.

The problem arises when potential revenue is the main focus and the lure – the free divorce forms and any instructions that may be on offer – are left to age, rarely if ever updated.

Of course, divorce forms are not subject to frequent change but a quick glance at the “last updated” information provided by trustworthy divorce form sites shows that they do change. Even if there has been just one change to the forms or instructions it is a change that matters.

Submit out-of-date divorce forms found free online and they will be rejected by the Court.

Another danger of free divorce forms online is the fact that they are so easily available – ready to download and print in an instant. Even at the best of times, divorce is an emotional process when intellects may not be running in full gear. It is all too easy to download, print and complete these forms without making sure they are the right divorce forms.

Not only may they be out of date but they may be the wrong divorce forms for your location and circumstances, or an insufficient set of forms. For example, if you live in Travis County, Texas you will need to meet a double set of residency standards and complete additional Travis County forms as well as Texas State divorce forms. With 50 States to deal with, you can be sure that not all free divorce form sites are doing a perfect job of delivering all you need.

So what happens if you download free divorce forms for Texas, complete and submit them, thinking your Petition is complete? Again, it will be rejected by the Court.

As well as the loss of time you are likely to lose your filing fee too, usually amounting to a few hundred dollars. Free divorce forms will not be so free after all.

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