How to Make Sure You Get the Right Divorce Forms

More and more people are opting to file for divorce without a lawyer. If this includes you, the first step in your do it yourself divorce is not only to find out where you can get divorce forms but to make sure you get the right divorce forms.

Do-it-yourself divorce forms (legally known as “per se” divorce forms) are widely available, online and off. However, there are divorce forms, and then there are… divorce forms.

As you will be investing time and emotion – and a filing fee of a few hundred dollars – into completing your divorce forms, you can’t afford to find out you have completed the wrong forms.

You need to make sure you get the right do-it-yourself divorce forms. This is a downside of divorcing without a lawyer – you need to identify the right forms yourself. However, getting the right forms is not at all difficult – you just need to be careful.

  • Firstly, make sure you get divorce forms for the right State. Each State has certain residency requirements which determine if you are in fact eligible to file for divorce in that State. For most people this is unlikely to be an issue but don’t guess – double check your State’s residency requirements.
  • Secondly, you need to get all the relevant divorce forms for your particular do-it-yourself divorce. Exactly which do-it-yourself divorce forms you need will depend on your personal circumstances. For instance, on whether or not you have children, what level of agreement (if any) you have reached with your spouse, and so on. Some States make it much clearer than others which divorce forms will apply to you, with user-friendly information. Others however are far less helpful, so make sure you read through all the options and descriptions of forms.
  • Thirdly, make sure you get up-to-date versions of do-it-yourself divorce forms. Do-it-yourself divorces are so common now that many websites offer “free divorce forms” to lure visitors, Unfortunately, many neglect to update them. Make sure you download the latest do-it-yourself divorce forms. If you don’t see a “last updated” date, or some other guarantee to this effect, find the divorce forms you need elsewhere.

Once you have sourced all the correct forms for your do-it-yourself divorce, get organized.

  • Draw up a master list of the forms you will be completing.
  • If they are downloadable divorce forms, create a separate folder on your computer where you can save and find them easily.
  • Get yourself an old-fashioned filing system for storing relevant documents and copies.

This will help protect against a form being overlooked because it is lost among unrelated items on your computer, or other papers on your desk.

Being organized will also help the task of completing your do-it-yourself divorce forms seem easier – more efficient, relaxed and under control.

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