Save Money with a Do It Yourself Divorce

Divorce is a scary and difficult time in anyone’s life; however, expensive legal help can make that already stressful time even more difficult.

divorce-save-moneyCan you divorce without the hassle and expense of lawyers? Sure you can, and it’s becoming a more popular option every day among divorcing couples. Do it yourself divorce allows couples to dissolve their marriage conveniently, and with limited stress, assuming they can manage to amicably agree upon assets, child custody and support, and neither party contests the divorce. Do it yourself divorces often must be filed as no fault divorces as well, so that is another relevant consideration.

If you are considering a do it yourself divorce, be aware that you have a few options. First, you can simply access relevant paperwork at your local courthouse, fill it out, and file your do it yourself divorce yourself. If that seems a bit overwhelming, many online services offer assistance with do it yourself divorces. The assistance can range from simply providing appropriate forms for your state to allowing you to simply input information into an easy to use online form. The do it yourself divorce service then generates the forms appropriate for your state, as well as filing instructions.

Choose the divorce that is best for you, based on your financial needs, conditions of the dissolution of marriage, and circumstances. A do it yourself divorce may be a good solution if you have a simple and uncomplicated divorce. Do seek legal assistance if you have a more complicated divorce, if there is a history of abuse, or disagreement over financial or child custody issues.

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